If you are an RSS feed reader you probably use or used Google Reader and you probably know by now that Google Reader is shutting down the 1st of July :-( I think it is not a smart move and I agree with what is written here.

But anyway I switched to Feedly a week ago and used the plugin in Safari and Chrome and also used the IOS app and quite like it. Currently Feedly still relies on Google Reader so we have to see how good it will work when they switch to their own back-end by the time Google Reader shuts down.

What I don’t like about Feedly is that there seems to be no way to export your RSS feeds and starred/saved posts. Google Reader supports this through Google Takeout. If you use Feedly and also want to be able to export your data, please vote or add comments here.

Here is my current list of technology / software development RSS feeds that I follow (unordered):