About me


Working as Engineering Manager at Olympus Mobility. In the past I’ve been working at In The Pocket, SoundCloud and Tomtom in both individual contributor and leadership roles.

I like working at the intersection of Technology, Product and Delivery and like helping teams so they can to do their best work.

I started writing software as a teenager in the 1990’s (mostly games in Turbo Pascal) and so I was destined for studying Computer Science and start a career as a software developer. As my career progressed I noticed that although my software engineering skills improved, the environment in which we developed software wasn’t great and often our work didn’t result in the outcomes that were hoped for.

This sparked my interest and the realisation that we need to look at the end-to-end software product development process to find out which improvements lead to the most impact and to creating successful products. Throughout the 2010’s until now, with a combination of practice in different environments and learning from colleagues, other practitioners, books, talks and courses, I’ve gathered a decent experience in building successful product development teams. This is of course a never-ending learning journey that I’m eager to continue to explore.

Every organisation is different and I don’t believe that implementing one or another framework will solve all problems. I do believe there are helpful guiding principles like the Lean principles.

After a career of almost 25 years I still love building software as part of a team but depending on the company I might have more impact when helping to build a successful software product development organisation.

I love to work on products that matter and that serve people’s and society’s needs. For more details see LinkedIn.


I like swimming, cooking, listening to music, reading, meeting friends, photography and walking or resting in nature.