15+ years of experience as a Software Engineer. Moved into an Engineering Manager position in 2016 and in a Director role in 2019.

I’m an engineering leader who likes to work at the intersection of Technology, Product and Delivery. I have an interest in Agile methodologies and DevOps / DevSecOps. I love to work on products that matter and serve people’s needs and I care about people and Diversity & Inclusion.

I like building and growing a team and enable them to do their best work. This includes making sure there is trust, creating clarity, and supporting and help growing the team and the individuals. I want to empower the team so they can make decisions, drive change and deliver value.

I’m moving from Berlin, Germany back to Ghent, Belgium in August 2020 and I have found a new opportunity that I’m really excited about. Previously working at SoundCloud and Tomtom.

As a Software Engineer my most impactful publicly available work is probably an Open Source Java library called Brave. Brave is a Distributed Tracing library. It became part of OpenZipkin in 2015 and is integrated in the Spring framework as part of Spring Cloud Sleuth. If you’re interested to know more you can read the story about OpenZipkin’s 5th year anniversary.


I like swimming, cooking, listening to music, reading, meeting friends, photography and walking or resting in nature.